2nd Grade Homeschool Plan for J

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2nd Grade Homeschool Plan

Here’s what I’m planning on using for J this year. He’s at a weird stage where he’s mostly ahead in some areas and needs lots of focus in others.


This is where I feel like he’s far ahead of where he’s supposed to be. Rather than a formal reading curriculum, I’m going to concentrate on chapter books with him. I think he’s more than ready to begin something like Magic Tree House.


And this is where he struggles. For handwriting, he’s using New American Cursive. This is going to be a main focus for us this year.

New American Cursive
Cursive Program

For writing, I’m going to have him do some of the activities that I’m using in my 2nd-4th grade writing class that I’m teaching at my co-op. I didn’t enroll him in the class because I thought he would enjoy the math games class more. However, I still want him to do some of what I’m using in the class. It’s a creative writing class, and I’m planning some fun activities, so hopefully he can be my guinea pig.


This one is tricky. He’s always been so far ahead in math. Even at the age of two he was doing simple addition and seeing shapes in everyday objects. It has only skyrocketed from there. I’ve been using Math Mammoth with him, but figuring out the correct level and where his gaps might be is a challenge. This is one that I’m going to just have to take day by day.


Although his spelling has grown tremendously over the summer, I’m going to continue with All About Spelling with him.

All About Spelling


I’m pretty excited about this one. He’s going to do the Elemental Science Chemistry for the Grammar Stage. Although I’m not the biggest fan of how the first version of the program is physically laid out, I remember H learned a lot when she went through it.

Chemistry for the Grammar Stage
2nd Grade Chemistry Choice


This is a tough one, too. I think I’m going to keep this one fairly simple, so we can spend more time on the other areas where J needs focus. I picked up a few of the Who Was… and What Is… books to read with him. If I can find some fun activities about the topics I’ve chosen, I’ll probably do those as well.

4 thoughts on “2nd Grade Homeschool Plan for J”
  1. I love seeing what other homeschoolers are doing. This is our first year and I’ll have a toddler, Kindergartener and Second grader. We will be using Magic Treehouse and the Who Was books and show too.

  2. As a teacher, I love how your plans and ideas include all areas and utilize a lot of reading to tie it all together. Very well planned and useful for someone starting homeschool.

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