2nd Grade Homeschool Plan for J

2nd Grade Homeschool Plan Here’s what I’m planning on using for J this year. He’s at a weird stage where he’s mostly ahead in some areas and needs lots of focus in others. Reading This is where I feel like he’s far ahead of where he’s supposed to be. Rather than a formal reading curriculum, …
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8th Grade Homeschool Plan for H

Eighth grade for H has been a bit of a planning challenge this year. She attempted to use Alpha Omega’s online program last year. Although at first she really loved it, it didn’t take terribly long to realize it wasn’t a good fit for her. All of the subjects other than math were scrapped fairly …
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Best Early Elementary Resources for the Summer Months

At a family graduation party this past weekend, I was asked for advice on early elementary resources to be used during the summer months to keep young kids engaged. This prompted me to make a blog post, so it’s not only helpful for her, but to others as well. 1. Kumon Workbooks One of my …
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TRISMS & Trello

After struggling on several different occasions to figure out a way to sort of “schedule” TRISMS for my middle schooler, it finally hit me: Use Trello!!! If you’re not sure what Trello is, please, please, PLEASE check it out! It’s a highly customizable organizational tool that you can use for virtually anything you can come …
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Strengths and Weaknesses

I’m always talking to people about teaching children to their strengths. Learning styles are so important to me, and I’m always striving to find what works for the students I’m teaching, whether they’re mine or someone else’s. No child left behind – in working form!  But the thing that doesn’t get talked about as much …
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Letting the Kids Take Over

Well, we are on our six-week break one-week break following our second six-week period of school. (Twelve weeks down!!! Yay!!!) I think we were all ready for this one! Overall, I think it was a productive period. I didn’t get a lot of resistance about school, except in the IEW that I started with H. And that …
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