Moving Beyond the Page – A Review of the Tornado Literature Unit

This was our first taste of Moving Beyond the Page (MBtP). I really like the format of the program. It ended up being a good fit for both of my girls, who have completely different learning styles. On most days, the student reads a chapter of the book, answers questions to verify comprehension, and then …
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Growing With Grammar – A Review of Level 3

As my oldest daughter nears the end of Growing With Grammar (GWG) level 3, I feel I have enough exposure to the book to write an accurate review. First of all, I really like the format. It is basically a worktext, written to the student, except that the student manual and the workbook pages are …
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Donna Young’s V Planner (V2.5 DT)

*** Note: The version I’m using is from early 2012. There was an update to the file done in September 2012, but my school year began before that, so I’m not using it yet. For years I have been using Homeschool Skedtrack for our planning and record-keeping needs. While I loved just about everything about …
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New American Cursive – A Review of Workbook 1

When I decided it was time for my then six-year-old daughter to begin learning cursive, I began researching all the different options available. I wanted something that was pretty, without being too fancy, and also easy to teach and learn. My search led me to New American Cursive (NAC). The program seemed to be exactly what I …
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