Letting the Kids Take Over

Well, we are on our six-week break one-week break following our second six-week period of school. (Twelve weeks down!!! Yay!!!) I think we were all ready for this one! Overall, I think it was a productive period. I didn’t get a lot of resistance about school, except in the IEW that I started with H. And that …
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Learning Outside the Box Blog Hop – Sports (Week #1)

Welcome to the first Learning Outside the Box Blog Hop post! Let me start off by saying that I came up with six topics and put them down on note cards. I had my daughter draw one, and of course she drew the hardest one: home improvement/home organization projects. I didn’t want to throw that …
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Wordless Wednesday – August 7, 2013

Kid’s Shelves – K (blue shelf), H (pink shelf), J (learning toys) Reorganized shelves Projects from co-op (coral, keepsake box, Native American headdress, Native American dart, flower from my toddler) Supply boxes, magazine holders for workbooks and teacher’s guides, school store items, newspapers for arts and crafts

First Day of School 2013

Our first day of school was an incredibly productive one with minimal complaints! We went over the new “daily binders” first, which currently contain calendars, an attendance sheet, “I Can” lists (whicht can be used as a general guideline of what to expect to learn over the next year), and temperature graphs. I also purchased …
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